Top 5 Useful Tips to care & Maintain your Saree

care & Maintain your Saree

Top 5 Useful Tips to care & Maintain your Saree

Saree is the most fascinating clothing for all generations of Indian women. Now today everyone has a unique collection of at least one saree in their wardrobe. When you wear it occasionally it gives you a glamorous look as well in a wedding function. Before you go for a wedding better you know how to maintain your saree and well dress up with unique accessories.

Although you spend good money on expensive sarees in texture, best color, amazing design and choose the perfect one. When you select the saree and invest too much to look fair for a party, then here we suggest for the best tips to care for and maintain your saree.

Tips to Maintain your Saree

1. Routine re-folding of zari

In today, fashion goes very fast. Everyone takes them out of old clothes every six months. Some of them put their clothes in sunlight for a few hours to maintain their color and shine after they store back. While doing that it can cure your clothes of outdoor fungal and remain fabric as well. 

2. How to storing silk Sarees 

  • When you wash the saree, after that you don’t hang it on a metal hanger.
  • Don’t place your saree in any folded box.
  • If you know how to remove fungal or avoid humidity then you can easily apply silica gel it will cure your clothing.

3. Stain Removal of your Saree 

When you go for a party or event after that your saree may be looking dull, in that case, you can easily stain your saree with cold water or, if required apply mild body soap on it as well. If your saree is in critical condition or looking oily then apply glycerin on dry and after that, you can easily wash it.

 4. How to Iron a saree in a proper way

While you think for iron the saree better you take special care to do that if you iron on the soft cotton silk you can do very easily it would be damaged while you don’t do it properly.

Some additional tips to iron a saree:

  • When you remove wrinkles you can press with hot iron properly after sprinkling some dots of water
  • After washing dry the saree in sunlight for proper shine.
  • Don’t use irons directly on the saree, put some light-weight cotton cloth on the saree?  

5. The Best way to washing your saree

When you wash your expensive saree you know some knowledge to keep in mind, don’t wash your saree in hot water it will look dull within a week. If you wash then first wash with saltwater it helps the color stay longer as well and after washing do not squeeze the fabric to remove water. Only one saree can dry at a time and don’t merge too many sarees in the bucket.
Here we can suggest to you the best tips to clean and maintain your saree in proper ways if you purchase the good saree then visit Rajasthan fabric the no…1 online store and offering a wide range of clothes and ethnic wear.

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