Tips to avoid buying fake Sanganeri Print Saree

Tips to Avoid Buying fake Sanganeri Print Saree

Tips to avoid buying fake Sanganeri Print Saree

Sanganeri print finds its roots in a town called Sanganer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is almost 5 centuries old and uses the hand block technique of printing to create beautiful patterns and designs. These blocks are made of teak or Sheesham wood or metal and have a design on them. For more detailed prints they engrave metal strips into wooden blocks. These patterns and designs are inspired by the flora and fauna found in Sanganer. They also depict various gods and folklore. These sarees are colorful and the patterns look lively. This type of print can be found in various sarees suitable for various occasions and weather conditions. It was also one of the most exported sarees during the East India company period. 

Sanganeri Prints

This print is found in many products like sarees, Kurtis, shirts, etc. These sarees are exported to different parts of the world and we can find them anywhere, but many times they might be fake and an imitation of the original. Haven’t we all once in our lifetime bought a cloth that the shopkeeper sold to us saying it was the original print and exported from the place itself and after two washes the print was gone? This is a disadvantage these designs and prints have; they can be so easily imitated that it becomes difficult for us to figure out if we are buying genuine or not. 

Good Quality Sanganeri Print Sarees

We Suggest, the best ways to prevent from being fooled by a seller are to buy directly from people that are into manufacturing Sanganeri print saree. This will ensure that you know where and how exactly the sarees are being made. It is also advised to buy from the same region because if the manufacturer is in the same region they know people who are best at this art. Even if you are buying online you’ll have the satisfaction that you are paying for good quality sarees. These sarees don’t come cheap so paying huge amounts for poor quality sarees with an artificial print that will not even last you two washes is so absurd and unfair. Sometimes even the seller might not know that they are selling cheap quality sarees for high rates. 

Advantage of buying Sanganeri Print Saree

Even if you are buying retail make sure you find out from whom they are buying their sarees. Find out if they are actually into manufacturing Sanganeri print saree or just selling fake sarees. Another huge advantage of buying directly from the manufacturer is cost. With every person that gets added to the chain of buyers and sellers, the cost increases. By the time you buy it from a retailer, the costs would have almost doubled. So the cost is very cheap when you buy it from the manufacturer. 

If you are a retailer or wholesaler who wants to buy in large stock then make sure to buy sarees from a good manufacturer who sells genuine sarees so that you don’t end up paying huge amounts for cheap sarees and get cheated on.  

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