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Dabu Print Sarees

Dabu print is a conventional hand-made printing method that has its roots in Rajasthan. The appeal and elegance of Dabu print fabric are well-known on a global scale. Dabu print was on the edge of extinction in the 20th century but was saved by artisans, and today it is a thriving industry all over the world. Dabu print sarees manufactured by Rajasthan fabric are renowned for their delicate texture. We are the greatest manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of Dabu print sarees with a wide network all over India.
Dabu printing takes time, but the results are creative. Because the Dabu printing method originated in Rajasthan, the patterns utilised have a conventional outlook on their presence. At Rajasthan fabric Dabu print sarees are produced by using natural pastes and dyes, making them environmentally friendly. Also, a great deal of physical labor and intense efforts are required to produce it. Despite the lengthy process involved in producing Dabu print cloth, our end result is worthwhile.

Dabu Print Sarees Manufacturer – Rajasthan Fabrics

Leading brand Rajasthan Fabric is committed to offering an exquisite selection of Dabu Print Cotton Sarees. Our offered collection is made by experts using premium fabric that is purchased from shops that have been approved by the industry. Customers love our collection because of its high quality, durability, and exclusiveness. Additionally, we charge our customers a fair amount for this saree. We produce and supply a premium selection of Dabu print sarees. The product is hand made printed on high-quality fabric with natural colours used according to the customers’ specifications. Fashion designers favor this collection of Dabu printed saree because it is very gentle on the skin and suitable for all seasons.
Under the close monitoring of highly talented artisans and craftsmen, our company makes various styles of sarees with unique designs and high-quality materials. Rajasthan Fabric provides Dabu printed sarees in a variety of patterns, creative designs, and lovely hues. By taking into account the most recent trends and ideas, the products are wonderfully designed and their quality is guaranteed according to the determining standards.

Exquisite Collection of Dabu Print Sarees for Women

Dabu printing is an extremely intricate process that involves a large number of artisans, printing, washing, and coloring steps. The plain cloth obtained from the factories is first washed to remove any contaminants that can hinder the coloring process. At that point, designs are painstakingly and manually hand-imprinted into the texture using components that have been dipped in quick dyes. The use of mud resists, which gives this print its unique appeal, is the next and most important phase. Our Dabu printed fabrics exhibit an exceptional and sensitive depth and beauty that is admired all over the world. It has sparked the creativity of contemporary designers. Dabu print sarees at Rajasthan fabrics are created by combining excellent craftsmanship with lovely themes. Moreover, Traditional and timeless prints made by our artisans are frequently regarded as being authentic.
Since craftsmen are no longer limited to using vegetable colouring and may now employ synthetic chemicals as well, they have access to a much wider range of colour options. Nature-inspired designs including peacocks, fruits, leaves, cornstalks, flowers, and animal images are frequently employed. We may also employ dots, wavy lines, and geometric shapes. The resulting patterns are then replicated again throughout the fabric. The mud paste occasionally oozes and splits, creating an effect that resembles a vein and is comparable to batik.

How’s Dabu Print Sarees that are Comfortable to Wear

Dabu printing is admired by clients globally, who purchase the materials to give themselves a traditional yet sophisticated style. The elegant materials can be worn as a western Kurti or as a saree. The textiles are quite easy to work with, and their high quality leaves you feeling comfortable all day. You may purchase the finest quality, most graceful Dabu Print sarees at Rajasthan Fabric, which are quite comfortable to wear for any event or season. To complement Dabu fashion, you can put on some handmade jewellery and a unique neckpiece.
Our Dabu printing consistently delivers the best value for your money and delights you with its originality. People favor it because of the dramatic effect it gives to the wide range of apparel. Wearing fashionable sarees with a Dabu design makes you the focus of attention. Women from all across the world are fascinated by Rajasthan’s conventional manner because of its exquisite design. For a unique style on the clothing, the fabric can be dyed multiple times. The images remain permanently imprinted on the material once the fabric has dried, enabling the garment to be worn for a long time.

Why choose Rajasthan Fabrics for Dabu Print Sarees?

As cotton cools you down when you wear it during the summer, a Dabu print saree is the ideal classic summer outfit. We at Rajasthan Fabric have an outstanding selection of exclusive Dabu Print Sarees for the summertime. You can explore a wide selection of the most recent cotton summer sarees on our websites, which were carefully produced and chosen by our designers for your utmost comfort. Seek out our inventory of Ethnic Sarees and we promise that you won’t be dissatisfied with the variety if you’re looking for that wonderful Summertime genuine Dabu Print Saree to wear to your official ceremony or a family gathering and showcase your particularly valuable style.
Because of the vibrant and remarkable designs and colours, Dabu prints produced by Rajasthan Fabric are now well-known throughout the world. Our Dabu designers have become particularly fond of silk, crepe, and chiffon, largely because of how well they carry the patterns and colours. However, cotton fabrics that are durable and absorbent continue to be the most often used materials for Dabu print Sarees.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dabu Print Sarees

The state of Rajasthan is home to the block printing technique known as "Dabu Printing." Akola, a village in Rajasthan's Chittorgarh district, is currently where it is renowned. With other traditional Rajasthani handicrafts like Sanganeri and Bagru, this printing technique is categorised.

Dabu printing is considered to be a traditional form of artwork in Rajasthani manual block printing. A blend of desert sands known as "Dabu" is used by Rajasthani artisans to create a mud-resist substance. This unusual type of artwork is used to create block designs on fabrics that resemble mud.

Dabu printing, one of the most amazing manual crafts, is used widely throughout Rajasthan. It employs mud resist to create stunning prints with bright colours.

The distinctive colour schemes of the seyali-Bagru printed fabrics are black and yellow ochre/cream. On the other hand, Dabru prints are created utilizing a unique resistant procedure.

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