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Bagru Print Sarees

The Chippas of a rural region of Rajasthan practise Bagru printing, one of the oldest methods of printing with natural colour. The culture of creating Bagru print patterns originated in Bagru, a small town in Rajasthan and famous for its eco-friendly quality. Utilising handmade wooden blocks with intricate designs carved on them, which are pressed on inner sides and used throughout the entire saree production process. To create the desired print on the cloth, dye is poured into the patterns carved onto the block’s other side. Our Rajasthani Bagru print sarees are quite popular with those who appreciate nature because Rajasthan Fabric is known for using natural dyes and colours. Our exotic Bagru designs are highly fashionable on zari-bordered southern hand-loom linen saris. Explore our gorgeous collection of sarees with Bagru prints that can be used for any occasion.

Bagru Print Sarees Manufacturer

Rajasthan fabric is among the top manufacturers and suppliers of Bagru print sarees. Our company’s success largely depends on the expansive and well-functioning infrastructure we have built. Our products are available at fair prices, and we always deliver them on schedule. Due to high quality and exquisite appearance, our products are very popular in the market. According to the customers’ preferences, we distribute these Bagru print sarees in various appealing styles. The collection is uniquely created and includes everything from common cotton designs to shimmering silks that may be worn to parties. Bagru textures have accentuated the craftsmanship of Bagru printing. Only a small number of highly competent artisans can perform the perfection in changing the print from a wooden or metal-designed object immersed in colour.

Bagru Print Sarees: Rajasthani Cultural Legacies

The Bagru Prints, distinctive and incredibly old, are famous for the Rajasthani town of Bagru. Bagru Print sarees employ two specific methods: Bagru printing and organic dyes. Bagru printing is one of the old methods for basic shading that the Chippas acquired. Typically, the primary motifs of Bagru are inspired by the wide diversity of plants. Primarily vegetative and botanical images made up the early prints. They developed into more geometric shapes as a result of the Persian impact.
A striking example of the square print saree manufactured by Rajasthan Fabric may be seen in the combination of hand-woven silk-cotton and cotton fabrics with wooden blocks carved into fascinating themes and patterns. Our work and production, together with the technique, are special and completely exciting. Square printing creates a cultural legacy, as evidenced by sarees, with Bagru prints being renowned worldwide for their representations of Rajasthan.

Latest Designs of Bagru Print Sarees at Rajasthan Fabrics

Several Bagru print Sarees feature geometric patterns similar to those found in the Rajput style’s “Jaalis” (mesh frameworks). Others imitate jharokhas and columns. With time, patterns began to be influenced by religion, commerce with the Arab world, and consumer demand. When the Mughal Empire assumed power, trends began to incorporate traditional Islamic motifs; as Arab demand grew, patterns began to be influenced by the Arabs. When the British Raj started, movements began to be affected by the European market. As a result, it is possible to map the history of this subcontinent using the Bagru patterning.
Similar styles like Ajrakh or Sanganeri lack the simplicity and carefree nature that characterizes Bagru print Sarees produced by Rajasthan fabrics. Instead of thin outlines, they have large expanses of earthy, original shade, and the repeated blocks are overlapped, and there is a certain contempt for precision. Due to its asymmetrical designs and muted colors, which are purer than the garish gold-infused polyester that predominates the Indian market, the fabric also gives off the impression to everyone of being more approachable and open. One feels connected to the ground they walk on when they wear or view our sarees as they are cherished by blessings of the earth.

Bagru Print Sarees is the Perfect Blend of Heritage and Elegance

A desert region in Rajasthan uses ancient printing techniques with periodic coloring, one of which is Bagru printing. The procedure begins with the material being hung up and finishes with printed patterns using their traditional methods. On a routine basis, well-known themes are changed using wooden blocks in resistive and linear forms. Because of this, Rajasthan fabrics create unique Bagru print sarees that are well-liked throughout India.
Rajasthani fabrics are produced in the historic village of Bagru, which is renowned for its sarees with Bagru prints. The timber components that have been chopped into intriguing ideas and designs are combined with handmade textiles and cotton fabrics, offering exceptional examples of the grid design saree. We provide an exquisite selection of lovely sarees with Bagru prints that you can wear for any purpose. Our Bagru print sarees are traditional representations of your ethnic sense of fashion and may be worn for everyday casual wear and formal occasions like parties or events.

Why choose Rajasthan Fabrics for Bagru Print Sarees?

A legitimate online retailer for Shree Ganesh Textiles is called Rajasthan Fabric. The craft of Bagru print brings passion and enthusiasm into the twenty-first century. Because of, utilizing information and methods that have been passed down through many centuries. We are well-known producers, distributors, and suppliers of cotton and traditional Bagru print sarees with exclusive designs. These can be purchased at incredibly low prices and delivered within the allotted period. The storage facility is one of the units into which we have divided our structure. To adhere to stated industry standards, we update it in ordinary circumstances. Hence, Anytime anyone wants to get in touch with us, they may count on us to deliver their goods safely and quickly.
The Bagru print sarees available at Rajasthan Fabric are absolute show-stoppers. They are made in Bagru, a historic town where many specialists practise the country’s highest craftsmanship. Wooden pieces stuffed in groups over hand-woven silk-cotton and cotton textures with wonderful themes and designs provide eye-catching examples of the square pattern saree.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bagru Print Sarees

Vegetable dyes and harda are commonly used in Bagru block printing (a yellow base colour). The families of artisans have passed down the secret for Bagru print sarees and vegetable dye prints over many centuries.

Bagru is the traditional printing technique of Rajasthan. By using their own indigenous techniques, the process begins with processing the fabric and ends with printed materials. Using wooden blocks in the direct and resist methods, specialty-related motifs are applied to light-colored surfaces.

The distinctive wooden handmade designs of Bagru are its major claim to fame. They are referred to as "Bagru prints" and are highly regarded. Wooden blocks are mainly used in the special printing technique.

Bagru is renowned for its shade of green, which is attained using two conventional techniques. In the first technique, the fabric is placed in the indigo vats, submerged, removed, and air-dried. Then it is rinsed in a day-ahead prepared pomegranate peel and pre-boiled water mixture and chilled.

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