How to Style Yourself with Traditional Indian Sarees

Traditional Indian Sarees

How to Style Yourself with Traditional Indian Sarees

Saree is a popular traditional attire worn by women of every age and culture in India. It’s an esteemed and respected female garment that is worn widely by women of India. A saree makes a woman beautiful and adds a touch of gorgeousness, sensuality, and elegance to a women’s personality. The popularity of sarees is increasing with every passing day and you can buy premium quality traditional designer sarees from online e-commerce stores. It is always important to know the perfect way to drape and dress the six yards of fabric to look graceful and charming.

5 Tips to Style Yourself with Traditional Indian Sarees

To carry off a traditional Indian saree with perfection and confidence you have to take care of a lot of details. Right from the design, colour and embroidery of the saree to matching jewellery and hairstyle. 

Draping a Saree

The first and foremost important thing to do to look good in a saree is to properly dress it. There are many styles of wearing saree like the lehenga saree dressing style, the Bengali style, the Maharashtrian style, the butterfly style, the mermaid dressing style and many more. Out of all styles, the Nivi style is the most common that is worn by most women from all around the country.

Choose a Saree as per body shape

Whenever you go for any saree always keep in mind to choose saree as per your body type. If you choose a saree as per your body shape it will make you look more mesmerizing. 

  • Women with a heavier bottom body shape compared to the upper body should go for light designer sarees of soft fabrics like georgette, chiffon, etc. 
  • Women with an apple-shaped body should opt for a traditional saree with detailed embroidery work as it will complement their body perfectly. The simple dressing style of saree with an Ulta-pallu will be the best option. 
  • Overweight women should never wear cotton or other stiff fabric because they make women look broader. Always go for something soft like chiffon and silk saree to provide the perfect balance to your body shape. You can also choose full sleeves and long blouses as they will make you slimmer. 
  • The slimmer women should go for cotton, organza, and silk sarees that provides a fuller effect to the figure. They can pair the saree with a backless sleeveless blouse. 

Right Fabric

Your look in a saree also depends on your choice of fabric which you opt for. If you manage to find out the right fabric as per your body shape then you can look even more amazing and gorgeous even in a simple saree. The right fabric also helps you in hiding those extra pounds of weight smartly. Fabrics like georgette and chiffon stick to your body and make you look slimmer.

Print and colour

The combination of print and colour also defines your look in a saree. If you want to look a little bit slimmer then go for light prints with sleek embroidery. 

Perfect blouse

A blouse can single-handedly make or break your overall appearance in a saree. It’s really important to choose your blouse with great care. You can go for a broad-neck blouse with short sleeves to complete your traditional saree look. Always keep these 5 tips in mind while shopping for traditional Indian sarees. You get a large variety of traditional sarees at Rajasthan fabric. Choose your favorite design and make a memorable appearance at any event.

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